About our groups


Under 17's group


When: Mondays 6-8pm at Platt Bridge Community Zone


What’s involved: Each two-hour session will have a focus on one of the potential causes of self-harm. The sessions will use creativity to allow freedom for members to explore things without directly talking about anything that they may find difficult.


First Monday of the month the session will be focussed on self-esteem. 

Second Monday, a feeling such as anxiety or anger.

Third Monday the focus will be on positive thinking and coping ideas.

Fourth Monday will be variable and include friendships, bullying, risk taking, identity.


Who is it for: Children and young people up to 17 years old who have been, or are affected by self-harm.


Aims of the group: To reduce the feeling of being alone. To build confidence. To make new friends in a situation where the young person can be honest and open about who they are. To find new coping strategies.


The basics: The sessions are confidential unless there is a risk to the participant or the law requires it (this will be explained to each new member as they join). Parental consent will be needed for under 16’s.


Who to contact: Send any email enquiries to janine@wishservice.org.uk . Telephone number coming soon.


Over 16's group


When: Wednesday evenings 6-8pm at Platt Bridge Community Zone


What's involved: Each session begins with a check-in. This gives each member to speak about how their week has been, and discuss any problems they've faced. This gives the other group members a chance to offer advice and support on specific problems. We also try to look at people's achievements through their week too. Nobody is forced to speak, and members can 'pass' if they do not wish to speak about anything.

The second hour of group is used to do an activity of some sort. At times these could be things like recognising emotions, stress management, self-esteem, coping skills etc. Other times, we do creative activities and we almost always have fun!


Who is it for: Anybody over the age of 16 years who wish to give and/or recieve support to those affected by self-harm.


Aims of the group: To provide a supportive environment whereby individuals feel comfortable enough to speak about anything they want to. To provide peer support; who better to support you, than somebody who has been there themselves. To have fun and reduce social withdrawal/isolation. To encourage self-expression and to celebrate people's achievements.


The basics: Each member will be asked to agree to the group rules, and will also be given copies of relevant policies (confidentiality, equal opportunities). What is said in group, stays within group. This will be explained in more detail to each member as they join.


Who to contact: email enquiries to aimy@wishservice.org.uk or call 07514458121